The Ritual - Bathing with Crystals

Text "Bathing with crystals" on top of a picture of a bath with rose petals and crystals


Are you always looking after the needs and requirements of everyone else?  To the exclusion of your own emotional care and wellbeing?  Well imagine what it would be like to give yourself some love and undivided attention with a crystal charged LLIO bath-time ritual.

Shut the door on everyone but yourself and give YOU some self-love and compassion with your very own crystal charged home-spa bath!  Reclaim your power and inner self back by putting you first for a change!  Find your inner super-women and balance your chakras by crystal-ising bath-time! 

After a tough, long, endless ground hog work day, the bath-tub is a cozy & comfortable place to spend much needed ‘Me-time,” you can power up that ‘me-time,” using precious stone crystals gemstones.

Crystal baths are a sacred space to recoup and recharge from life, you can power bath-times up, bathing with crystals can give you high vibrational vibes.


Candle lit bath



Set the scene and get ready to indulge.

Create a relaxing environment by dimming all of the houselights. Place towels on a heater so the warmth is ready and comforting for when you get out of the bath! Run warm water into the bathtub and light candles for atmosphere. To achieve total bath-time serenity, place a crystal gemstone around the bath-tub (or shower) or into the water.

A crystal charged bath will help raise your energy, manifest, re-energise and re-charge. LLIO Bath & Body oils are infused with crystals for you to feel the power of a crystal bathing.


Bath with scattered flowers and petals



Bathing with crystals is magic - it balances the chakra’s and bring you to new heights of relaxation. Feel the vibrational energies the crystals carry. You may want to simply relax, or perhaps set an intention, a goal; work on forgiving yourself or show yourself some love and compassion. A crystal bath is the perfect time to work on manifesting, healing and transforming to be your best self!

Indulge for longer than usual in the bathtub, at least 20-30 minutes! LLIO crystoil oils will make you feel so special and silky smooth too!


Beauty sleep amethyst bath and body crystoil. Love yourself rose quartz bath and body crystoil. Higher-self citrine bath and body crystoil. Magic centre obsidian bath and body crystoil.


LLIO Beauty Sleep - Amethyst

LLIO BEAUTY SLEEP Bath & Body oil is infused with Amethyst crystals for a wonderfully relaxing, natural stress reliever and sleeping aid. Amethyst crystals will soothe you and help you reach a deeper understanding of yourself. This Crystoil is amazing for anyone who wants to heal or calm the mind. The essential oils in this blend are lavender true, rosewood, geranium, orange blended apricot with a luxurious rosehip base.



LLIO Love Yourself - Rose Quartz

LLIO LOVE YOURSELF Bath & Body oil is infused with Rose Quartz, the stone of unconditional love. By using it in your crystal healing bath you can surround yourself with loving vibes. Rose Quartz is an amazing crystal for supporting your personal journey of self love. This essential oil blend is infused with rose, geranium, lavender, palmarosa, orange blended with apricot and has a luxurious rosehip base.

LLIO Higher Self - Citrine

LLIO HIGHER-SELF Bath & Body oil is infused with Citrine Crystals; amazing stones for manifestation and channeling abundance into your life. Relax in a bath-tub whilst inviting dreams of becoming your best-self! Citrine is a bright stone with a glowing energy. It will bring you vibes of clarity, creativity and positivity, as well as reenergising your self-esteem and aiding you in future manifestation. The essential oil blend is citrus focused, with lemon, bergamot, sweet orange, black spruce paired with apricot and, of course, a luxurious rosehip base.


LLIO Magic Centre - Obsidian

LLIO MAGIC CENTRE Bath & Body oil is infused with obsidian, ideal for If you just can’t stop over-thinking or have gone through trauma or loss. Obsidian encourages deep soul healing, as it is a strong protective stone that grounds your base chakra and absorbs negative energies. This is a great crystal healer to use toggle yourself time to pause and stand-still. This essential aromatherapy crystoil has a deep essential oil blend of vanilla, vetiver, geranium, grapefruit blended with apricot and luxurious rosehip base oil blend.



Beauty sleep amethyst bath and body crystoil. Love yourself rose quartz bath and body crystoil. Higher-self citrine bath and body crystoil. Magic centre obsidian bath and body crystoil.


We truly hope you will give a crystal charged bath a go, crytalise your bath-time!

Love & Crystal Blessings @