Stylishly Sanitise

You’re going to want to stock up on this.

How do your hands feel after applying hand sanitiser? Dry? Irritated? We understand your pain.

Staying safe shouldn’t mean sacrificing the condition of your hands. Too many sanitisers strip your hands of all moisture and leave them smelling like the back of a liquor store with a sticky residue that never goes away.

 That’s why LLIO has created the solution to your hand’s needs…

 Add a little luxury to your sanitising routine with LLIO’s *NEW* Crystal Clear Hand Sanitiser.


Crystal clear lapis lazuli hand sanitiser with blue box


You might be thinking, what makes our sanitiser any different from the rest? Well, each bottle of LLIO’s crystal hand sanitiser contains a perfectly blended mixture of bacteria-killing alcohol with geranium and sweet orange to banish germs and still give your hands a fresh and floral scent that lasts for hours.

Not to mention, deep blue lapis lazuli gemstones (our secret weapon) are mixed into our formula to clear negative energy and restore balance in your mind and body. Each of these powerful crystals are ethically sourced in Brazil and transfer their vibrations into your body as you apply it to your hands. These crystals are known to ease pain and facilitate mental strength (which sounds pretty perfect right about now) which also aids spiritual awareness and positivity.

 Orange and rose geranium essential oils also give your skin the boost it needs to stop cracks and soreness forming. Everyone knows orange contains Vitamin C, but most people don’t realise how great absolutely everything in oranges is for your skin. They’re full of natural oils which moisturise and soften your hands, as well as antioxidants to prevent winkles and premature ageing (everyone’s worst nightmare), and citric acid to naturally exfoliate the skin and give it a healthy glow.


Crystal clear lapis lazuli hand sanitiser with blue box


Geranium not only smells like you’ve stepped into a luscious field of fresh flowers, but also helps to tighten the skin and eliminate dead cells to reduce skin irritation caused by the alcoholic nature of hand sanitiser.

 Our crystal charged sanitiser adds a touch of glamour and is the perfect size to carry in your purse when shopping, travelling, or munching on popcorn in the cinema. Whatever you like to spend your time doing, LLIO’s Crystal Clear sanitiser allows you to spritz away impurities and feel comfortable wherever you are.


  •  Apply the spray to the palm of one hand.

  • Rub the product over all the surfaces of your hands and fingers until your hands are dry. This should take around 20 seconds.