Secrets for a Perfect Night's Sleep

Because no one wants to wake up with dark circles and a bad mood.


A sleeping woman on a bed of flowers


Do you struggle to fall asleep? Are you tossing and turning all night and wishing it was the morning already? Me too, and it’s about time we fixed that.

 With everything that’s been going on this year (I’m still trying to pretend 2020 is just a bad dream), it’s pretty understandable that our sleep has been affected too. It’s natural to feel anxiety and stress over it all, which all contributes to sleep deprivation. Even working from home and not being as sociable as we once were can disrupt our body’s since we don’t feel as worn out at the end of the day.

 Restless sleep intervenes with our body’s time to recuperate and rest, leaving us irritable the next day. It’s not just our moods that take a turn for the worst without good quality sleep, your weight, immunity levels, mental health, cognitive function, and even risks of serious health concerns like diabetes are affected too.

Figuring out how to get a better night’s sleep isn’t rocket science, it just requires a few simple adjustments to your routine that will send you into a dreamless, deep sleep (the non-pharmacological approach).


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Routine, routine, routine…

You get the idea. Maintaining regular sleeping patterns helps to develop your internal body clock, helping you to feel less tired each morning because your body is already in light sleep by the time your alarm goes off. You might be tempted to give yourself a lie in after a bad night’s sleep, but instead, drag yourself out of bed at the same time and your body will thank you for it later.

Wind down before getting into bed

Get off your phone and any other bright screen (yes, that includes Netflix), and opt for soaking in a relaxing, warm bath instead. Studies show that even 10 minutes spent in a bathtub 1-2 hours before you go to bed can significantly improve your sleep.

 So grab your favourite book and unwind in soothing essential oils and healing crystals to remedy your sleepless nights with our Beauty Sleep Bath and Body Crystoil. Let your stress melt away in our concoction of lavender (a natural anxiety reliever), rosewood, juniper, and geranium. Not to mention, our Beauty Sleep bath oils are infused with amethyst to rid your body of negative energy and promote a night of peaceful dreams.


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It’s even It’s approved by Vogue Italia and Stylist, so how could you not try it?


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Create a sleep-friendly bedroom

Your bedroom should be your happy place where you feel peaceful and cosy and away from the stress of the day’s work in the office. Avoid exercising, eating (as tempting as late night snacks are), or doing work in your bedroom. This way, it becomes a separate environment associated only with relaxation.

Still can’t sleep?

Invest in a sleep spray and spritz it all over your pillows to help you calm down even more. Most of these sprays actually contain lavender just like the Beauty Sleep Bath Crystoil to help produce sleep inducing hormones in your body. Using lavender as part of your evening routine also creates a habit where your mind associates the smell with sleep to help even more.


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Sweet dreams…


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