Loving Yourself Through Covid-19

Spirituality and Loving Yourself

Do you feel like you want to wake up and pretend covid-19 is some kind of bad dream?  Many leading scientists have always said it is not a case of ‘if’ we would ever suffer a pandemic similar to the Spanish flu in 1918 but a case of ‘when.’  We are living in a ‘bad-movie,’ a time of uncertainty, fighting an invisible enemy and we have no idea when it will end!  Feeling completely out of control is a nightmare for anxiety sufferers.  We’re worried about our health’s, our livelihoods and whether things will ever be the same again!  Endlessly scrolling the online news late at night and as soon as we wake up in the morning and waiting for the next announcement has us living in a state of fear.  During tumultuous times, more people may look more towards prayer and spirituality to find a way through.  LLIO hopes some words of wisdom may provide some solace to people out there.  The brand was born in a bad time (grief) and it took us 3 years to see the light again, but we got there and have ‘hope ‘ we will come out the other side of covid-19.  These magical tips may ease some minds and give some hope to those out there during these unsettling times…


Cut ups of newspapers



We want to be very aware of key facts and Government announcements happening around covid-19. Be careful not to endlessly scroll the newswires constantly waiting for more rounds of bad news. Finding a sensible way to digest covid-19 news sensibly, will help your mental health. We would suggest watching the Government conference each day for factual updates and moving to using an app called #ThismuchIknow. The #ThismuchIknow app started as a way for people to factually discover key stories and facts. You will diminish the amount of news and mid clutter of the likes of the Daily Mail by digesting bite-sized important news. Amid all the covid-19 news, we would also suggest keeping your spirits high and reading outlets for fun as well…


Candles placed in a wicker tray on top of a mustard yellow blanket next to a window



Light a candle and believe in ‘hope,’ we can come through this situation and recover. A divorce, redundancy, or a significant loss can feel horrendously bad at the time but often in the long-term it can often be looked upon as a gift and a blessing. This truly horrible covid-19 situation is a ‘wake-up,’ call. If you had a few last days or weeks on earth what would you do? This covid-19 situation is making us ask ‘deep’ questions! We have time to reassess our goals, what is important and what is not. With death staring us in the face – it might be the ‘wake-up’ call and catalyst to make some life changes. After all this is finished you might reassess your goals, take a chance/risk you have been putting off, pursue that dream career, become less materialistic, make that break and move out of the city to the country or finally travel to that destination you have always dreamed of! Through bad times always comes good and you may make some changes or even be forced to make some changes you have been wanting to do for a while!


Open sketch book with writing, ink drawings and stuck in plants



It’s time to indulge in some serious self-care from lighting a candle, stepping away from your phone, journaling and meditation! We know we have to pay attention to what is happening in the world but we need to stay strong too. The most important message LLIO wants to put out to the world is to ‘love yourself.’ Self-love and care right now is extremely important to keep yourself and your family strong! Oprah Winfrey calls herself a ‘bathing professional,’ – she knows truly indulging herself in a relaxing bathing ritual is an act of radical self-love. Calm your anxiety every evening with an indulgent bath and take some time out from the world for even 30 minutes to reset! Plants and looking towards nature are highly recommended now. Our MAGIC CENTRE bath-oil contains oils that mean you can stand still and strong amongst all of this. Vetiver, a plant grown in India, with strong roots that can grow 3-4 metres deep. Magic centre contains vanilla, a thick moving and slow oil. Essential oils can have an enormous effect on you and smelling something can help you feel grounded! This Crystoil is charged with obsidian crystals for a feeling of protection in the world!


Paint palette with nude paint tones


If you no longer have to do that hourly commute to work then get creative. Start painting like you did at school, write that novel, make your parents a home-made Birthday card. Start a new hobby, get outside into the fresh air and just take that walk to the hills. Start gardening and learn how to grow vegetables with your father! Colouring that adult colouring book in may be the mindfulness you need right now to stay calm.


"Whatever you appreciate and give thanks for will increase in your life"



Going covid-19, will all force us to take a big long and hard look at ourselves. Who have we taken for granted, who are we grateful for and ‘perhaps we owe that certain someone an apology?’ Gratitude and being grateful for everything you experience brings an enormous shift in energy. You may not have sat back for a while and recognised all the good and positives you have in your life and after covid-19 we will all realise how lucky we are and how those little things you used to moan about aren’t worth it any longer in the grand scheme of things! Remember when you used to complain about having to go out again or that Uber not turning up – those little things seem irrelevant now!


An open laundry cupboard with white towels, toilet rolls and washing



You will be stuck in your home for longer periods than usual. Take this as an opportunity to organise and de-clutter. Take this self-isolation as a time to reset. Eliminate, release, cleanse and tidy. Clutter is an abundance of possessions that can create chaotic and disorderly minds. De-cluttering and organising can help clear your minds, move on from the past and help set you towards a better future…. The principal of Feng Shui says if you move 15 items in your home you will completely change the energy in your home. Be ruthless and eliminate, it’s time to eliminate any item that does not give you ‘joy,’ in the spirit of Marie Kondo. Declutter your space and unsubscribe from those marketing emails you no longer wish to receive! It’s time to clear everything!


Eco friendly brushes and clothes



We’ve seen so many posts on how ‘mother nature’ is sending us to our bedrooms to heal. After all of this is said and done there will be a big contribution from people on how to save the planet. You have the chance to make some valuable decisions here towards the environment and how to help save it! It might be the spur to give up plastic or shopping for new clothes for good! We are certainly going to be making a commitment to renting our clothing from the likes of My Wardrobe HQ from now on to stop landfills filling with clothing!


Don't adapt to the energy in the room. Influence the energy in the room



Covid-19 is ugly, but put your energy towards being positive and doing positive in the community. Spend time with that family member, help a neighbour who can’t go shopping or someone in the community. Reach out via skype to that buddy you have been meaning to chat to for a long-time! It’s a time to turn our backs on the routine of life, that commute, that pay-check and do some ‘kindness’ acts for people!