In just under a year Llio has been featured in various magazines across the world such as Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Red and Tatler, but most noticeably our biggest fans come from Vogue. In under a year, Llio has been featured in 5 vogue publications; Vogue Paris, Vogue Arabia, vogue Italia, Vogue Czechoslovakia and Vogue UK. This is an astonishing achievement for our brand and is a reward of great product and pr. The magazine itself stands for everything Llio does, from ethical products and aiding charities to have in-depth discussions and ideas with ourselves and colleagues along the way.

Here are our favourite vogue magazine features with some added insight into the articles, imagery, products and relationships behind the scene!


Vogue Italia 12 beauty products that help you sleep better



LLIO’s first ever Vogue feature came only four months after the Crystoil Bath and Body Oils were released. The feature when translates to ’12 Beauty Products That Make You Sleep Better’ and of course featured our Beauty Sleep Crystoil that is infused with amethyst crystals. The excitement of this first Vogue feature was amazing for the LLIO founder Nia Thomas who also owns Nia PR. The Product is described in the article as a product that ‘releases stress and abandons negative energies’, this is due to the indulgent ingredients and enchanting scents that aim to relax the mind and body. This product was created to improve the quality of sleep whilst waking up to feel refreshed and renewed. Ingredients such as lavender aim to calm and soothe the body aided by rosewood to bring balance to the mind and soul. Juniper then acts to warm the muscles, soothing aches and pains of the day just gone. Finally, we have geranium which is an enchanting ingredient that encourages ultimate restoration to the body.



Vogue Paris auto_awesome Did you mean: Comment se connecter au cosmos ?  volume_up 35 / 5000 Translation results How to reconnect to the cosmos?


Then there was Vogue Paris who featured the Magic Centre Bath and Body Crystoil in the article ‘Head in The Stars’ a wellbeing feature. Vogue Paris is a romantic and elegantly created magazine (can you tell this is one of my favourite magazines yet?) that perfectly captured our brand and its luxurious aesthetic.  This article focused on how to align the body and mind with the universe through skincare and beauty routines. They described the Magic Centre Bath and Body Oil as an ‘Energy Epicentre, a cocktail of oils infused with obsidian crystals that strengthen the root chakra, chase away negative energies and increase clairvoyance’. This product also includes vetiver- a luxury ingredient that enriches and nourishes the skin. The formula includes vanilla too which has an emotionally comforting scent and encourages relaxation. The obsidian crystals further enhance the effects of the essential oils, making this oil the perfect oil to ground your chakras and feel in control (blog post coming soon). LLIO has been featured twice in Vogue Paris, so if you didn’t get the chance to grab a copy you can find the most recent article at https://www.vogue.fr/beaute/article/comment-se-reconnecter-au-cosmos-univers



Vogue Czechaslovakia Essential oils with crystals, balms for the soul


Being featured in a magazine where Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi Webster is on the front cover is pretty cool, right? The August edition of Vogue Czechoslovakia was named the ‘Bedtime Issue’ and tackled issues on sleep. The photography in this article is some of our favourite, with Dan Beleiu as photographer. This article features an interview with the LLIO team by Martin Vesa, a wonderful journalist at Vogue to find out more about the brand. We discussed the background of the brand and some of our inspirations that keep us feeling creative and grounded. The article further highlighted LLIO’s ingredients and the ethical nature of our brand which we are very proud of. Being vegan, cruelty-free and sourcing our products sustainably is always our top consideration when creating new products (which may be here sooner than you think). The article featured the Love Yourself Crystoil which is infused with rose quartz, the crystal of self-love and admiration. This oil encourages you to open your heart and connect with your higher heart chakras.



Vogue Arabia Charge up your beauty routine with crystal healing



The Vogue Arabia feature came in March 2020 when we discovered they adore our Love Yourself Crystoil just as much as we do. The article “Charge Up Your Beauty Routine with Crystal Healing” explores how to switch up your beauty routine with crystal healing. Alexandra Venison (journalist) explains the importance of our product and how to use it, ‘the oils have a dual purpose; you can use them in the bath or on the body. You can also use them on your pulse points as well’. The products can be used pre-shower too! This was a great feature to be involved with as we offer worldwide shipping, this allowed the brand to connect with some of our customers from the Middle East. The only thing that the article didn’t mention is how enchanting the scent and ingredients truly are in this product, the mixture of orange, geranium and lavender scents combine for the perfect scent of indulgence. This is balanced too by the palmarosa, a magical ingredient that is perfectly hydrating and amazing at relieving stress.



Vogue UK 8 aromatherapy oils to help you bring the outside in



Finally, we have British Vogue, arguably the most influential UK magazine that there has ever been. Journalist Twiggy Jalloh featured us in an article called ‘8 Aromatherapy Oils to Help you Bring the Outside in’. The article explores the benefits of aromatherapy stating that ‘Aromatherapy is one of the best tools at our disposal when it comes to sustaining a sense of inner peace and comfort in trying times’.  Twiggy also attended our launch event back in October (how has it been nearly a year since we launched??) so she knows first-hand how much care, love and time goes into our products! The oil featured was the Higher Self Crystoil, the perfect oil to promote wealth and optimism. The scent is extremely uplifting and filled with citrus for a ‘refreshing and purifying scent’. The product is enhanced with citrine crystals (learn more about our crystals here) to transform you to your higher self. Twiggy’s article is available here.



Being featured in any magazine always brings the team a sense of accomplishment and acts as a reward for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. As a small business we understand the difficulties of the initial launch of a brand but seeing our accomplishments in the first year makes the late and stressful nights worth it! If you are interested in viewing more of our features you can view our press page here. For all the latest updates about our upcoming projects please see our instagram here.



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