Does Meghan Markle just have amazing BOUNDARIES or is she just a BIATCH?

Megan Markle
We often think about Meghan Markle, and who she may be. We’re completely on the shelf on whether to be impressed by her amazing ability to say no with boundaries or wonder if she really is just a biatch…Or perhaps you can call it ambition, is Meghan just personally ambitious and out of touch with reality?  Or does she just have an amazing ability to say no to anything that makes you happy? 
We often wonder if she is just acting?  Have you ever seen anyone look at their husband or other half like this before? 
Megan Markle and Prince Harry
After her big NO, I am not abiding by Royal protocol, Meghan last appeared in Britain smiling, with absolutely no remorse she might be causing offence to the Royal Family with her big NO… 
Newspapers across the world keep on throwing shade at Meghan for her behaviour.  The most recent mud sling at Meghan, has been at her behaviour – she invested in a Californian, 'women-led wellness company' making instant oat-milk lattes.  She even sent a basket to Oprah to plug to her 11million followers, the media called it un-Royal protocol. 
Let’s just remember, Meghan is from La la land, where celebrity gifting is commonplace and most celebrities promote brands via gifting or are gifted by the lorry load on a daily basis.  Meghan has been portrayed in the press as a manipulative, wanna-be who brainwashed Harry to achieve worldwide super-stardom… 
Meghan’s latest ‘no’ and boundary bench mark, is to all the haters on social media, Harry and Meghan decided to come off social media outlets to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have abandoned social media and will no longer use platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.
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What are boundaries?   
Boundaries are the emotional or physical space that we create between ourselves and others.  This space is created as a way to show people how we expect to be treated within the relationship. 
If both sides of a relationship, in this case Meghan & Harry VS her father, her half sister and the Royal Family aren't respecting each other the way they wish to be treated, then boundaries are then used to create expectations for the relationship in the future. 
Meghan and Harry setting boundaries between them and the monarchy was a power move led by the Duchess of Sussex herself. In an Instagram announcement, they decided to set the ultimate boundary and step down from their role as senior royals, their professional duties and move to North America to do what’s best for them and their child.
They are thriving right now by seriously showing us how prioritising yourself and creating boundaries can benefit your life. They display the courage that is needed when you decide to live a life of your choosing.  They have spoken up and have shown love for their family and the monarchy, as well as love for their newly created union and their freedom. Setting boundaries with families has the ability to end arguments and generational toxicity.
While setting boundaries may be difficult, you will come out on top. Her beautiful comeback is exactly the affirmation that anyone who’s trying to set boundaries needs. You will always be successful and confident when you take decisions that benefit yourself and your mental health. 
Megan Markle and Prince Harry
Script text "saying no is saying yes to yourself"
Why saying no can be good for you? 
Saying no, means saying yes to yourself? 
When we say yes to people when we really want to say no. It brings us a false sense of peace, later that is replaced with feelings of apprehension and resentment. 
It is so important to be able to say no, allowing us to say yes to ourself. You will feel empowered making decisions  while still maintaining your relationships with others. Saying no helps you establish healthy boundaries and enables others to have clarity about what they can expect from you.
One tip to help enable you to say no with greater ease is to gain clarity around the things that prioritise your happiness and therefore things that you would want to say yes to. Make a list of your top three priorities (that you can reimagine whenever you like) keep these priorities where you will see them. When someone asks something of you, check to see if it will serve any of the things you wanted to put your time and energy toward. If the answer is yes, feel free to answer Yes and If it is not in line with your objectives, say No.
Lets all follow in Meghan’s example and remember that we have to say ‘No’ when choices, ideas or decisons will not be beneficial to ourselves or our priorities in life, lets all begin to thrive.
Megan Markle
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We love listening to welsh YOU TUBER – Yankie Wally, who has devoted her life to studying Meghan and Harry’s relationship
Have a look at her YouTube Channel - 
Her videos go in depth to uncover the truth and follow the Successes through all their successes, failures and decisions in life. 
Megan Markle and Prince HarryScript text " things that mentally strong people do"
We have always loved a book called “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do” by Amy Morin
 We always refer back to it… Some useful tips that Meghan might be taking on board:
2. They don't give away their power 
People give away their power when they lack physical and emotional boundaries, Morin writes.  
You need to stand up for yourself and draw the line when necessary. It's important that you keep track of your goals and work toward them. 
Morin uses Oprah Winfrey as an example of someone with a strong grip on their power, "she chose to define who she was going to be in life by not giving away her power." 
5. They don't worry about pleasing everyone 
Often we judge ourselves by considering what other people think of us, which is the opposite of mental toughness.  
Morin lists four facts about constantly trying to be a people-pleaser: It's a waste of time; people-pleasers are easily manipulated; it's OK for others to feel angry or disappointed; and you can't please everyone. 
Dropping your people-pleasing mindset will make you stronger and more self-confident.
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Our verdict, is Meghan Markle has outstanding boundaries.  She has had the ability to find peace with herself by blocking out everything that could possibly cause her upset.  But we do sometimes wonder, does she verge on being a sociopath - 
Surely, it’s worth reaching out to your father in some capacity to have a relationship with him even if it’s just a loose one? 
Megan Markle
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