Iconic movie bath-time moments...

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As you know, we love a crystal charged bath here at LLIO.  A good soak in the bathtub is the part of the day we look forward to the most.  We just love to pamper ourselves with our own home spa and indulge in an amazing LLIO crystoil charged bath.   Our love of bath-time combined with our love of a good movie from the Hollywood classics to modern day led us to racking our favourite “Bath-tube,’ iconic movie moments! At LLIO, we usually use bath-time as a place for peace and self-care.  In Hollywood movies bath-time, takes on a very different forum.  Bath-time represents business (in Scarface), relationships (Pretty Women) and it can be pretty scary room in films like the Shining (which we admitted from our list!). We’ve ranked 8 of our favourite iconic movie bath scenes of all time.  What is your favourite cinematic bath of all time?  Can you think of anymore bath-tub scenes you love?


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Scene from the film "Pretty Woman" of the main actress Julia Roberts, listening to music in the bath


Julia Roberts, bopping her head and singing along to prince’s kiss at the regent Beverly Wilshire hotel. Has anyone else tried to create a bath with all of those soapsuds? Certainly a memorial iconic movie bath scene…


Script text "scarface"

Scene from the movie "Scarface" where the main actor Al Pacino is in the bath


Who can forget the size of tony montana (al pacino’s) bathtub when he made it big as a gangster in scarface (1983). We’d give anything to take a crystoil charged llio bath-time in that humongous 1980’s super-retro bathtub. Smoking is no longer ‘en-vogue,’ so we’d swap the cigar for a herbal tea instead!


Script text "Cleopatra"

A scene from the film Cleopatra where the lead actress Elizabeth Taylor is in the bath


We’d love to combine our llio bath-oils and play with a gold-plated boat like elizabeth taylor in cleopatra! The ‘bathing queen,’ famously bathed in milk and honey to keep her skin soft (about 7,000 goats, needed to provide enough milk for her daily bath). Nobody does self-care quite like the queen of the nile…


Script text "Marie Antoinette"

Scene from the film "Marie Antoinette" where the main actress is in the bath


Kirsten Dunst, playing Marie Antoinette in Sofia Coppola's movie. The ultimate queen of many indulgences and extravagances, from shopping, shoes, silks and cake! She loved lounging in her bath- tub flacked by an army of maids and servants at her every wim! She scores high in her love of bath-time but famously had no concept of reality, famously telling the starving public “let them eat cake” during a famine!


Script text "Diamonds are forever"

Scene from the film "diamonds are forever" where the main actor Sean Connery is in the bath


We love Sean Connery’s bath-style, a bottle of martini, good book and answering a work-call in the bath-tub!


Script text "the notebook"

Scene from the movie "the notebook" where lead actress Rachel McAdams is in the bath


Who can forget Rachel McAdams ‘sulking,’ bath-time moment in the notebook. Her character, Allie attempts to nurse her heartache with a bubble bath after seeing a picture of her ‘ex’ during her wedding dress fitting. We are all in with Allie’s post-breakup self-care, that’s what Llio’s all about! Seeing Allie still bath wearing her bridal veil while she bathes just might make this the most glamorous moment in self-care history.


Script text "American beauty"

Scene from the movie "American beauty" where the lead actress Mena Survari is in a bath full of rose petals


We’ve all dreamed of being able to take a rose petal filled bath like Mena Suvari once in our lifetime! Who can forget Kevin Spacey’s obsession with this ‘American beauty,’ as he peers in to the eyes of actress Mena Suvari while she sits in a bath tub filled with rose petals…



Script text "the seven year itch"

Scene from the film "the seven year itch" where Marylin Monroe is in the bath


Marilyn Monroe, getting her toe stuck in the faucet in her bathtub scene in the seven year itch has to be the funniest bath-time moments in the movies!

We’d LOVE to hear what your favourite bath-time moment in cinema is?