Entering a state of feeling grounded can be challenging to explain as it presents itself differently in each individual. It is more than a feeling; it is a mindset that enables you to feel in control and at peace with your own mind and body. At LLIO we have created products and content to enable others to reach their grounded self. Being grounded helps us to self-reflect in a way that pushes us forward instead of trapping us in our own emotions like we are drowning. This article aims to educate on how to channel more grounded energy in your life.


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The concept of being grounded means to have balance and control of the person you are now by living in the moment. The feeling comes from not allowing negative energies to disturb you from being at peace with yourself but instead embracing them and projecting a sense of wisdom and courage into the world. When you reach this form of enlightenment it creates a strong sense of equilibrium. You begin working smarter and enter what the LLIO team call ‘boss mode’. You begin to let go of resentment because you have discovered your purpose on this earth and become ready to achieve your goals.

So how do we become more grounded? Firstly, it is important to know what is preventing you from feeling grounded in the first place. Often this is because as individuals we can’t truly self-reflect, we can’t look in the mirror and recognize the person staring back at us. You have to accept the good, the bad and the ugly to really discover the power that you have within. The first step to feeling grounded comes from a place of self-love. Signs that you do not feel balanced may present themselves with poor communication, feeling frustrated and being unable to express yourself clearly. They can also manifest in ways that make you feel forgetful and unable to have any real sense of focus.



To begin your journey to become grounded, visualize what that means to you. What will being grounded bring into your life? What changes will it help you make? This then becomes what you visualize for yourself. By visualizing your goals they will manifest into your life, encouraging change and positive energies. This process may take longer for some than others. With the uncertainty in the world at the moment, it is hard to grasp the feeling of being grounded when so much change is presenting itself. The creation of our Magic Centre Crystoil is to aid you in times of stress and disarray to reach your truly grounded self.


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The Magic Centre Crystoilis infused with Vanilla, an ingredient that is emotionally comforting whilst encouraging sensuality and relaxation. It is an ingredient that encourages self-love whilst stimulating your inner confidence. The vetiver encourages balance, equilibrium and strength whilst having nourishing properties for the skin. Grapefruit acts to soothe aches and pains of muscles and geranium is also used to promote skin renewal. The Crystoil overall aims to ground your base chakras, relieve your body of stress and negative energy and leave the skin feeling re-energised.


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The oil is infused with obsidian, a crystal that is known for its protecting properties. Obsidian also acts as a way of repelling negative energies from others. The obsidian stone allows individuals to connect with their dark side, a side of the personality we often shy away from. Instead of hiding from ourselves, obsidian acts as a stone that shines a light on our negatives to allow us to embrace them. This stone allows us to explore the depth of our personality whilst guiding us to a place of peace and love. If you are interested in learning more about our crystals click here.
Vogue Paris


It’s not just us that is a fan of the Magic Centre Crystoil, it has also been featured in Vogue Paris. It has been featured in the article entitled ‘La tête dans les étoiles’ or ‘Head in the stars’, a wellbeing feature. Vogue Paris focused on how to align the body and mind with the universe through skincare and beauty routines, as well as traditional crystal and aromatherapy healing. They described the oil as an “Energy Epicenter, a cocktail of oils infused with obsidian crystals that strengthen the root chakra, chase away negative energies and increase clairvoyance’. You can view more of our Vogue Paris features here.
Allowing yourself to be grounded can feel overwhelming but as soon as you allow yourself to truly self-reflect, the feeling will follow. Although it can feel like you are drowning in emotions, the feeling of spiritual enlightenment is never too far away if you allow it. For more advice and inspiration you can view our Instagram or Blog.


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