5 Ways to Love Yourself

Because it’s about time you treated yourself like the queen you are.

A woman with sunglasses on, sipping tea, in the bath surrounded by bubbles


Guilty of going the extra mile for other people and forgetting to do the same for yourself? Aren’t we all.

It’s about time we all stop viewing self-love as selfish. Prioritising yourself is self-care in the best way; it’s how you rejuvenate your mind and find happiness within yourself. Rather than using your friends as a way to feel secure, practicing self-love allows you to discover your own source of confidence.  

Self-love doesn’t have to mean meditating twice a day and going on expensive yoga retreats (because who has the time for that?), it’s about simple things like setting aside whatever time you can each day to completely focus on yourself.

You’d be surprised how much of a difference even 5 minutes can make to your mental health! That might be switching off your phone and reading a good book in the bathtub, or writing in a wellness planner to organise your thoughts. Anything can work as long as you’re doing what makes you feel positive and relaxed for those few minutes.

If you’re unsure how to get started on your self-love journey, keep reading to see our tried and tested methods to realising you’re the most important person in your life.

Accept your flaws

It’s unrealistic to say that we will never judge ourselves, because we will – it’s normal. It’s okay to let your inner critic in from time to time and be aware of your feelings, just as long as you accept them and allow the thought to move on. Too often we punish ourselves for mistakes we’ve made and end up feeling worse because of it. Allow yourself to forgive so you can let go of the weight that’s stopping you from growing and learning.

Pamper yourself

For those of you who think pampering yourself is unnecessary and overindulgent, I’m here to remind you that it’s 100% essential to your self-care routine. Don’t believe me? Professionals say that treating yourself just for the sake of it is an important part in maintaining a healthy balance in your life. Pampering yourself rejuvenates your mind and stops you burning out.

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Give yourself a break

Don’t want to work out this morning? Then don’t. Allow yourself to have those off days where all you do is lie on the sofa eating Ben & Jerries and watching the cheesiest rom com you can find. For the vast majority of us, it works better to find a good balance between being productive and giving ourselves some time off.

This might mean aiming to eat healthy meals, but not fighting the urge to switch your mid-afternoon snack to a slice of cake some days. These healthy habits allow you to stop forcing yourself into a strict routine and instead let you have time off when you need to.

Surround yourself with positive people

We’ve all (myself included) had our fair share of toxic friendships that drain your energy and bring out the worst side of yourself. Surrounding yourself with people that build you up is so important to your self-love routine. It’s not rude to cut somebody out of your life if they only bring negative energy – it’s a way to protect yourself from those who don’t love and respect you like they should.


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Write a journal

Days can be so hectic that you barely get a second to stop and reflect on everything that’s going on. Sitting down and writing out your thoughts can help to organise your mind and reduce stress. This could be anything from a small notes page on your phone to a full blown Pinterest-style gratitude journal.

It might seem like you’ve been transported back to school where you used to write in your diary each night, but setting goals and writing down what you’re thankful for makes it easier to stop and take note of everything happening in your life.

Self-love is your chance to remind yourself what makes you happy and what you want to get out of life. It helps you to become confident and proud to be you.

Moral of the story? Put yourself first and never forget that you’re your own biggest fan.


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